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About us - a brief history

Today the Budapest-based WINI Security Kft provides a wide range of security services, with nationwide coverage through its three regional units.

The company employs some 600 certified subcontractors and about 20 management staff. The company’s high quality technical equipment and preventive activities guarantee the continuous monitoring of the security services in order to prevent problems and fully meet the expectations of our clients.

There are several logistics parks, office buildings, prominent locations, construction sites and major investments all over the country that use WINI’s guaranteed security services.

But how did it all begin?

Service guarantee

WINI Security Kft strives for unity in every situation, because only a unified organization can prevent the majority of problems.

Our company is a multilevel organization, which covers all of Hungary. In order to maintain and strengthen our clients’ trust, every unit of our organization needs to aim for perfection.

This rule applies to our security guards, directors and organization units alike. Our clients need to know and feel that we provide our services under strict guarantees. What are these guarantees?

Let’s look at them one by one…

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