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Quality management

We control and audit our company’s security operations in accordance with the requirements of our quality management system. Our goal is to continuously improve the quality of our services and solve arising problems in order to achieve the common goals with our clients. We are committed to continuously maintaining our quality management system, and will continue to do so for our clients’ peace of mind.

We prevent and stop damaging and other unlawful acts against the protected property by the authority and on behalf of our client, in compliance with the law (particularly Act CXXXIII of 2005, as amended from 1 January 2012).

Our guarding operations respond not only to human actions, but to all extraordinary events. In case of a fire, natural disaster, burst pipe or bomb threat and in case of problems with the operation of the protected property, our guards immediately initiate damage control and notify the competent authority and the client’s appointed representative without delay.

Our liability insurances provide financial coverage for any damage caused either to our clients or to an independent third parties.

General liability insurance
(for extra-contractual damage caused to a third party)
10,000,000 HUF / year

Professional liability insurance
For property protection and private investigation (50 million HUF / damage)
250,000,000 HUF / year

Our quality management system:
MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015


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