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Manned security


This activity includes property protection, patrolling and reception services. The managers we employ in this line of business are professionally trained and have a wide range of experience. The security staff consists of reliable, verified guards.

Our guarding operations respond not only to human actions, but to all extraordinary events. In case of a fire, natural disaster, burst pipe or public threat (e.g. bomb threat) and in case of problems with the operation of the protected property, our guards immediately initiate damage control and notify the competent authority and the client’s appointed representative without delay. We discuss the unique characteristics of the job with the client before undertaking the task and only begin our operations with their approval.

All members of our staff are wearing the uniforms of WINI Security Kft. when performing their activities. Depending on the security post they are in black drill uniform or in social dress. The social dress  is made up of a dark blue or dark grey man or woman jacket, white or blue shirt, grey trousers or skirt with neck-tie scarf for the ladies. The badge is always part of the uniform.

Installation of security systems


We consider it our key task to optimize the combination of manpower and security technology used by our client, in order to achieve the highest justified level of security.

We undertake the design, implementation and maintenance of the following types of security devices:

  • electronic burglary alarm systems,
  • video surveillance systems,
  • access control systems,
  • intercom systems,
  • safes for storing high value items.

The security devices used our company uses have been certified by the relevant Hungarian authorities and the systems we build comply with the recommendations of the Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies (MABISZ) and the Property Protection Advisory Service of the Budapest Police Headquarters (BRKF VTSZ). Our references for security system implementation include office buildings of varying sizes, warehouses, electronic security in vehicle service stations and showrooms, vehicle and personnel access control systems and video surveillance systems.

Complex enterprise security consultation


Enterprise security includes the reasonable and proportionate defense of all of the company’s assets, including protection against natural disasters, unlawful and negligent human behavior, as well as possible actions by competitors that would threaten the company’s market position.

In our understanding property protection needs to cover every asset that affects the value of the company, including:

  • tangible goods,
  • intangible assets and
  • and human resources.

A complex audit assesses the existing security systems of the enterprise, identifies the valuables that need to be protected, determines the most efficient human-related security measures and outlines the required manpower and security technology.

Event security

Our company has been providing security for events for several years. Events organized by or taking place on the property of the client are always preceded by an inspection of the site and consultation, during which the required number of security personnel and their placement and technical equipment is determined.


Following the inspection our company draws up a security plan which describes in detail how the event will be managed.

The security plan specifies the following:

  • the exact location of the event,
  • the exact time (beginning and end) of the event),
  • the theme of the event,
  • the expected number of visitors,
  • the number of security personnel and their placement,
  • the number of security commanders and managers and their placement.

Once the security plan is approved, the event is managed according to the plan by the security commander(s), with flexible response to unexpected situations and adapting to any additional requests from the client.

Private investigation

szolg06.png Our company also provides private investigation services by individual request, in strict compliance with the law. Due to the nature of the work, we provide such services in accordance with the standards of the profession and the requirements of the client.

Cleaning services

In addition to property protection, our company’s also has a prominent cleaning business, which aims to establish long term cooperative relations with its partners and clients, allowing them to conduct their operations in a clean and orderly environment.

szolg04.png We undertake the daily and ad hoc cleaning inside and outside of office buildings and other business sites.

We aim to minimize the disruption of our clients’ operations by our cleaning services. We schedule the work of our thorough and precise cleaning staff according to our client’s requirements. We regularly check the quality of the cleaning services and inform our clients of the events that take place in their premises.

We place great emphasis on using environmentally friendly disinfectants and cleaning agents that meet the requirements of the European Union.


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