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Service guarantee

WINI Security Kft strives for unity in every situation, because only a unified organization can prevent the majority of problems. Our company is a multilevel organization, which covers all of Hungary. In order to maintain and strengthen our clients’ trust, every unit of our organization needs to aim for perfection. This rule applies to our security guards, directors and organization units alike. Our clients need to know and feel that we provide our services under strict guarantees.

What are these guarantees? Let’s look at them one by one…

Human resources




The foundation of the requirements for our employees is reliability and proper behavior. We place great emphasis on this, because our security guards and receptionists are the first point of contact with our clients’ representatives. One of the most important duties of our human resources operation is assigning the most mentally, physically and professionally suited applicant to each task. We expect our subcontractors to be equally diligent in this matter.

Our auditing system


When designing our auditing system, we felt it important to create a structured, multistage system that can detect personnel, technical and organizational problems and deviations in time. We regard the energy invested into auditing as a requisite of efficient operation and we aim for continuous improvement in this area. We don’t want a client to be the first to discover if there is an issue with the services we provide, and for us to learn of a potential problem through them.

Types of auditing:

A targeted audit is a quick assessment of the security service in a specific time and place, which examines both the form and content of the services provided.

In methodology audits we openly or covertly monitor the security service over a specific period, then compare the observed events and processes with those described in the guard post documentation and the guards’ instructions.

A complex audit is a comprehensive analysis of the entire security service.

The auditing staff is the most important part of the system, which is why we employ a team of highly qualified professionals who are experts in their fields.

Our employees regard every new assignment as a challenge to ensure the level of security desired by the client and to ensure successful cooperation.

The preparedness of our employees


We consider it an essential requirement to provide our clients with the most highly qualified person for each task. We organize central, annual trainings in every field to ensure that our employees skills and knowledge stays up-to-date. During these trainings we also familiarize our employees with the current regulations relating to their duties and the application thereof.

In addition to the annual trainings, our security manager also provides continuous education to our security guards on the tasks performed in guarded areas, in order to keep them well prepared for their jobs. In case of new assignment the security manager educates the staff on their new duties and tests their newly acquired knowledge the end of the course.

Call and dispatch center

We operate a 24-hour nationwide call center at our company headquarters. The preparedness and extensive experience of the call center staff ensures the expert supervision of the properties guarded by Wini Security Kft, as well as professional intervention and the proper flow of information, around the clock. The dispatch center also manages the shift assignments, duty roster and call-ins of the security staff and documents the reported events.

The use of information technology


The company provides the security enforcement staff with the communication devices they need to perform their tasks (mobile phones, two-way radios). These are provided at no additional cost to the client.
Every member of the security staff has a mobile phone, which they can use to contact the dispatch center, the security manager and the client’s local representative in any situation. Guard posts are always equipped with a mobile phone and also with a two-way radio, if necessary.

Preventing client complaints


The main purpose of the security service is to protect the guarded property from vandalism and unauthorized access by exercising the rights assigned by the client. Our preventive operations use methodology audits to openly or covertly monitor the work of the security service, then compare the observed events with the guard post documentation and the guards’ instructions.

Since neither the manned security service nor the technical solutions can provide the required level of security for our clients separately, our company uses an optimal combination of the two to increase the efficiency of guarding, thus preventing numerous problems that could lead to a complaint from the client.

We place great emphasis on minimizing the turnover of the security staff in a specific guard post, so that the client meets well known, well prepared people at these posts every day.

Performance of duties



All the members of the security staff perform their duties in the uniforms issued by WINI Security Kft. Depending on the type of guard post, the uniform can be corporate or general wear.
A general quality management system and standard is in effect.
The security guards and receptionists can speak foreign languages, as required (primarily English and German).
Our company only authorizes security work under the conditions provided for by law. The central management of shifts allows for the continuous monitoring of compliance with the law.
Every member of the security staff is familiar with the duties of each guard post, therefore guards can also be changed during the day.
Continuous presence is ensured at all entry points and can be reinforced if necessary.
The security service is monitored continuously, at various times of the day.
The security service reports the operational problems it detects to the competent persons.
The security service maintains continuous documentation at the entry points, in accordance with statutory regulations.
The members of the security service stay in continuous contact using the appropriate communication devices (e.g. mobile phones, two-way radios).

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